Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cathy Tomm's Workshop - Falling Splendor

Today's workshop was called Falling Splendor and was an applique technique. The background squares are cut to 5". A fusible web was used for the leaves. I used one called Wonder Under which I find works very nicely for this kind of application.

We had several options for finishing the applique including satin stitching the edges, hand sewing with a buttonhole stitch using thicker decorative threads or ruff edge applique stitching. I liked the look of the satin stitched leaves so decided to give that a try but again my machine wasn't going to cooperate and gave me all kinds of tension problems. Cathy did some experimenting with some of my other stitches and the machine buttonhole stitch behaved and it actually looked quite good so I went it that. It's better to go with a stitch the my machine can actually produce instead of one that all I would be doing is cursing and have the square turn out like crap. You can see the results on the top 2 middle blocks and the bottom one on the left hand side if you click on the picture below.

So this is as far as I got in 1 day, not bad. So this workshop I can actually see getting something completed in the near future. I'm just planning on a wall hanging size one but still not sure what the final dimension will be.

Here are 2 of Cathy's wall hanging size versions of her Falling Splendor themed quilt.


Quilt Pixie said...

dang machine... at least it chose to sew button hole which does look great on these :-)

floribunda said...

it sounds like both of those workshops were great -- love your projects so far!

(word verification: kittos! a good name for the pets...)