Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hawaiian Fabric Quilt - Part 1

I finished all the stitch in the ditch on my Hawaiian fabric quilt and have just started on the quilting in the blocks.  I've got a leaf wreath design that is going in the large floral Hawaiian fabric blocks. I've done this in a verigated thread in shades of yellow, orange, red and teal which goes well with the colours in the fabric.  In the border which is the same print I plan on quilting palm trees but I won't be starting those until all the blocks are finished, hopefully next weekend.

In the small yellow / orange square I'm quilting a starfish.

In the green rectangles I'm quilting two turtles but I have to show you what they look like from the back since the green thread I selected matches that fabric very closely and in the picture you really can't see them. (You can click on the picture for more details)

Then in the teal rectangles I'm quilting a pair of dolphins.  Again the thread I selected matches the fabric and you can't really see the quilting in the photo I took  so I'm showing a picture from the back.  There are also two teal borders across the top and bottom of the quilt and I plan on doing a row of dolphins in each of those borders.

Here is a picture of the quilt top that I posted earlier in case you were wondering what the whole top looks like.  This was posted as part of my Hawaiian Vacation posts.


Sand and Sunshine said...

Your quilting is perfect! I like how it adds so much life. Great job.

hetty said...

Looking good so far!

Unknown said...

Really beautiful!